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Cosmetology Resume Example

Are you up to date with the latest style trends? You go to the person who helps your friends decide if a new hairstyle will work for them. You are a powerful cosmetologist; you don’t even have to be an expert in writing your resume. You can download free cosmetology resume template and by the use of that, you can make it your own.

Sometimes it can be challenging to talk about your experience in a way that reflects what you know.

Three examples of solid bullet points for a cosmetology resume include: Performing cosmetic services such as pedicures, manicures, skincare, and hairstyles for 10+ clients per day. More than 12 chemical treatments have been performed each week, and client preferences have been documented for repeat clients. Cosmetologists do more than offer haircuts and styling services.

These professionals have a deep understanding of the industry trends, apply specific styling skills, and communicate and work with their clients and colleagues. If you are interested in a career in cosmetology, you need a potent combination of specific hard skills to work with soft skills like communication and creativity to be successful.

Cosmetology skills include a range of hard skills and soft skills necessary to succeed in the role. In addition to specific skills that focus on styling techniques and the application of hair treatments, cosmetologists also rely on transferable skills such as empathy, creativity, and passion for their work.

Typically, cosmetologists develop these skills in both their training and their jobs. For more details, you can use our resume sample here.

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