How Much Money Did Walter White Make?

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Amazingly, Walter White is one of the famous characters on the list for whom people are curious about the money he earned throughout the Breaking Bad series. Indeed, he has been the most fabulous gourmet meth chef and gained much recognition as Heisenberg in this particular series. Indeed, by the end of Season 5, the amount of money Walter earned was revealed. If you haven’t watched the last season yet, there’d be spoilers alert for you in this article.

As a die heart fan of the series, you might have noticed that Walter earned a significant amount at various points throughout the series. Indeed, it’s hard to calculate the total money he earned in the entire series. But, it could be said that he had made a profit of millions by the end. Let’s look below in the article whether or not Walter received the money in the future.

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The Amount Walter White Made At The End of Breaking Bad.

No wonder it’s the most searched thing on the internet regarding the money Walter made in the end. It is said that he earned a little over $80 million at the end of the series. Also, you’d be curious to know if Hank forgave Walter. Amazingly, everyone would be satisfied with the perfect ending that Hollywood gave in the Breaking Bad series. You’d get to have full-proof closure and concrete in the finale of Breaking Bad.

It was apparent in the series that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman had a crystal clear goal for partnering in the drug business. They always wanted to make as much money as possible to use for a lifetime.

Also, it was their known shortcut to lead a life like Kings or die like a King, as Walter died in the final season. Moreover, the start of the business was difficult for both the partners as they started in a worn-out caravan, but later they made millions.

  • Jesse and Walter’s money upgraded their lives for the best, as Walter could support his family even after his death caused cancer.
  • Their goal was always clear, and both of them started in more minor ways, but soon they got bigger deals with significant profits. Indeed, throughout the series, Walter had outstanding chemistry knowledge that helped him almost to create the purest form of meth.
  • You’d be amazed to note that after all these, Walt was able to have $80 million in total by the end of the Breaking Bad season 5 series. But, according to the show’s runner-up, Vince Gilligan, Walt’s amount is a bit high for what he must get in the show.

What Plan Did Walter Make To Utilize His Money?

If you’re a top audience of the show, you might have noticed how hard Walter tried to double his worth throughout the series. We all knew he had already achieved his initial goal, but he didn’t take off a minute into not trying to multiply his worth in the series.

Indeed, his goal was to make lots of money to support his family as he was dying of cancer, so he took the shortcut of making huge in little time. Later he realized that whatever he was doing was not for his family but for himself, and he admits this particular realization to Skyler.

  • Now, many would-be confused if not for his family than his reason for being Heisenberg in the series. Honestly, Heisenberg got maximum recognition; as we already said, he was craving more and more recognition than he was getting as Heisenberg. So, it was never about earning money, but he was always craving attention and praise by the end.
  • But, we as audiences knew that it wasn’t the entire truth even though he believed he did for himself the whole time, but he deliberately got &$9 million for his son Walt Jr. through Elliot and Gretchen’s charity program. Even he did his best so that the money could directly reach his son. But we can see he didn’t care much about the rest of the money, and it seems odd, too, as we have seen him giving lengths to earn that money.

What Happened To The Money That Walter Got In Breaking Bad?

Particular articles claim that ‘Breaking Bad’ isn’t providing any answers even after repeated calculations. You might have thought Walter’s real money got stolen or something.

Also, many got interested know about the status of his money, which still isn’t clear. But, some said that he gave over $9 million to his family out of the $80 million that he might have gotten. You’d be shocked to note that the Nazis and Jack stole his leftover money after giving it to his family in the desert.

However, this was the last season of Breaking Bad, and you’d see uncle Jack and company dead by the finale. So, it remains unaccounted for regarding the rest of his money till the end. So, you can add up your predictions about what would have happened to the capital. The Government might have probably taken the money or confiscated the whole thing.

  • Even after the Government took control of the meth lab, one could say that the Government might have seized the leftover $80 million of Walt’s money.
  • Many are making assumptions that the $9 million of Walt’s $80 million that he planned to keep for his family might have drowned up due to certain taxes according to IRS rules.

Wrapping Up

We understand the curiosity level you have to know the money Walter White got after season 5. Indeed, looking at your questions, we have tried to provide the necessary information and help in this article regarding Walter White. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the article.

Indeed, Walter got millions in Breaking Bad, but you need to read the article from start to end to get to know about what happened to Walter’s money. The whole series was very interesting with an extraordinary ending. You’d surely love how the series ends.

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