How Much Money Does McDonald’s Make A Day?

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McDonald’s is one of the largest companies in the world. When we hear about a company that usually feeds 68 million people a day, a person can never think or imagine how it all began with a straightforward food stand on Huntington Drive, Monrovia, California. It is often quite acceptable that we all should know that starting a business is not hard. But here, the problem is that it isn’t tough to start a business, but it is tough and tiresome to make it work or run it to make a profit from it.

All businesses, whether big or small, usually have their own set of requirements and principles. It all started in 1937 with a menu consisting only of hot dogs and hamburgers. A person can only drink orange juice for just 5 cents in this store. We all have seen the Mcdonald’s, which has seen a good number of exponential growth in the past century.

So the main thing of concern is how much money does a person need to make to keep all the 35,000 stores running worldwide? In this company, the golden arches of the “M” in McDonald’s are more recognizable than any other sign globally. This statistic says about the prominence of this 63-year-old company.

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More About Mcdonalds

In 1994, the first store of this company was opened in the middle east country of Kuwait. More than 15,000 eager customers formed a 7-mile long queue to find out the taste of food in these stores. We can even see a ski-through McDonalds that is running in Sweden. This is since the mid-90s’. This store is adequately named the McSki. Here in this story, you can even order the big mac and soda on your skis while casually sliding down the beautiful snowy mountains.

Where Does All The Money Come From To Open The Stores?

McDonald’s can sell more than 75 burgers a second. This generally adds up to 5 billion burgers a year. To do all of this, the company needs to have a steady flow of beef to all of its stores. It is estimated that more than 25 million cows are slaughtered annually by the Mcdonald’s to meet all of their astronomical demands round the year.

Additionally, it is also a fact that more than 75% of all the sesame seeds which are generally grown in Mexico are usually destined to end up on a hamburger bun from McDonald’s. Another fact to know is that more than 7% of America’s potato harvest is generally turned into delicious french fries sold by the company.

One of The Interesting Facts To Know Is That.

Queen Elizabeth owns a McDonald’s store near Buckingham Palace. Another thing about this company is that some of the essential people of the world who have strong connections can eat unlimited amounts of fast food at any McDonald’s outlet worldwide. Here they all are provided with the legendary McGold cards. They are generally given personally to a few people, such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Larry Crandall.

If we look at all the 14,000 outlets in the US, the average McDonald’s outlet usually makes about $7000 daily. This then translates to about 2.6 million dollars a year.

This is a hefty amount of money for any company. If we look at all the numbers, the company of McDonald’s had earned about $23 billion in the year 2021. This is a whopping 13.8% increase in US earnings. This was about $7.66 billion a year before. Here another essential factor that comes into effect is that the costs of everything are rising, and the company’s profits are taking a bit of a dip.

This is primarily due to the current situation of worldwide pandemics. As many people are staying home, many of them are ordering in. There is also the beginning of a newer culture of more drive-thrus and a good number of curbside pickups. Due to all of these new ideas, the overall revenue of McDonald’s continues to grow.

Other Ways Through Which Macdonald’s Company Makes Money

Here another feature of McDonald’s is that the company has franchised nearly 95% of all the outlets present worldwide. Here they generally make a lot of their money by having franchisees start up their own McDonald’s outlets on the properties that McDonald’s company sometimes owns. This also makes this company a real-estate one, generating a massive stream of income for the brand. In other words, the Golden Arches didn’t only build its riches and became successful by being a fast-food company; they’re also a real-estate conglomerate.

If a person wants to own a franchise of McDonald’s, the success of this franchise can also depend on a large number of things. This generally includes many factors such as location, rent prices in the area, and service, and sometimes it may be plain luck. As an owner of a franchisee, you would have to be very involved in making your own franchise a success.

This is very important for a person if you don’t already own a multimillion-dollar corporation that generally owns many franchises. It is a fact that the average salary for a franchise owner in the US is about 72,285 per year. However, it is also a fact that the average McDonald’s franchisee can also expect to earn a little more from their franchise if the business is booming. If the McDonald’s franchisor manages all of their finances and often meets all the hefty upkeep costs well enough, they can earn more than $150,000 a year.


McDonald’s has over 1.7 million employees worldwide, and one of the significant features is they are always hiring. If a person is looking for a job without having any experience, then this is one of the best places to start from at the ground level. This is one of the most successful business firms that one can look up to.

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