How to Make Money as A Teenager Without a Job

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In the past two decades, many people have gained freedom of wealth through various professions like factories, stocks, and the Internet. Some people use mobile phones to pass the time, while others use mobile phones to get extra income. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said that working from home is a dream for most people. You can now use your mobile phone to work online on various platforms.

There are many ways to make money online without having a proper job. Some of them are,

  • Create your own business of walking other people’s dogs
  • Do odd jobs during the weekends
  • Offer babysitting service
  • Do jobs around the house in exchange for cash
  • Sell things you no longer want
  • Sell stuff at school
  • Sign up for online survey sites
  • Sign up for passive income apps
  • Get a part-time job
  • Become a tutor
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Write and self-publish books
  • Start blog writing
  • Sell your designs online
  • Create a shop if you have creative products to sell
  • Create an account to sell your photos
  • Sign up for Amazon M-Turk
  • Become a mystery shopper
  • Freelance online
  • Play video games
  • Listen to and rate music, fashion, and commercials online
  • Become a freelance make-up artist
  • Become a social media manager
  • Help people with technology

Create your Own Business of Walking with Other People’s Dogs

Walking dogs is one of the big businesses in today’s world of long working days and significantly busy lives. Many people need someone to walk with their dogs during the day when they are out at work or in the afternoon when they cannot get home.

Some older adults need someone reliable to call around each day and help walk their dogs. This is an excellent opportunity to make some money and serve the people living in your community.

Do Odd Jobs During the Weekends and Holidays

Doing odd jobs is a great way to make money without a job as a teenager. Slightly more traditional than many of the online suggestions compiled here but still as effective. There are so many jobs that people would rather pay to outsource than spend time doing for themselves.

Offer a Babysitting Service

Babysitting is another timeless way of earning some money when you are a teenager. If you enjoy the company of younger children and are confident in taking care of them, this could be an ideal way to make some extra money through your family and friends.

Do Jobs Around the House in Exchange for Cash from Your Parents

When you are looking for ideas for making money as a teenager without a job, there’s no better place to start than at home!

Offer to do chores for your parents and wider family. You clean, vacuum, wash the car, do laundry, tidy cluttered spaces, reorganize the kitchen cabinets, and clean the windows.

The list goes on, and there are bound to be some chores that your parents will be more than happy to pay you to complete!

Sell Things You No Longer Want or Need

We all have so much stuff lying around that we no longer need or use or didn’t want or need in the first place!

Sell Stuff at School

One of the best ways to learn how to make money as a teenager without a job is to sell stuff at school.

You have a captive market that adults can’t access, the trust of your clients (other students), and an insider’s knowledge of your call!

Signup for Online Survey Sites

This is a simple and effective route to move towards how to make money as a teenager online. Online survey sites provide a wealth of ways to bring in some dollars without needing to move off the sofa!

Get a Part-Time Job

This more traditional approach to learning how to get money without a job as a teenager is as popular as ever!

Take a waitressing job or serve in a local coffee house. Apply for retail jobs – these often come with a staff discount, which can be handy if you work on a cosmetics counter or in your favorite clothing store.

Become a Tutor

Tutoring other students is an excellent and tried and tested way for teens to bring in extra money.

Even if you don’t feel you excel in a subject, you need to be a couple of steps ahead and willing to learn as you go! Patience is more important than knowledge.

Start Your Social Media Channel

Another way to earn money without having a proper job is to start your own social media channel by creating a YouTube, Facebook, or maybe Instagram channel. After reaching a specific destination, your earnings will begin, and it does not have any end.

Start Writing Blogs

Blog writing is one of the most explored jobs students do for their pocket money. You have to have some writing skills and some hot trending topics in this job.


Freelancing on any reputed website can be a preferable job for students. This is a part-time job where students can get their time for studies and other activities that are not allowed if they were in a position.

Learn a new skill that you can use to create income

These first few suggestions are great ways for a 13-year-old to make money. It’s not always straightforward when you’re a younger teenager and want to start making your own money. Many places won’t accept you until you are 16, and numerous online platforms are closed to younger teens.


There are many opportunities in the market and the industry for students because they are the best hard and intelligent workers. The points mentioned above are a small fraction of those opportunities.

They can quickly search for jobs based on their need and interest. They can get plenty of time for their studies and their future planning for jobs. Part-time jobs can be the best choice for those trying to get some pocket money to manage their expenses.

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