Making Money in GTA V Story Mode – Diving Headfirst Into a Life of In-Game Crime

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you’ll have heard of GTA V, Rockstar Games’ entry to the halls of great games the world over. GTA V was released in 2013 by Rockstar Games and quickly shocked millions of players worldwide with the sheer width and expanse of the game.

Not only was the map several times larger than before, but you could also interact with anything and do anything. Want to rob a store? Point a gun at a cashier.

Feel like flying a helicopter? Boost one off a hospital rooftop. Into racing? Host ten-player bike races in the overworld with your friends through GTA Online, the online equivalent of the same game.

Hell, you can invest in stocks! GTA V is a wild and chaotic experience fueled by rage, money, and a burning desire for revenge. But before you go making yourself known on the streets of Los Santos as a bat-swinging, car-boosting gangster, there’s something you need:

Money.  What? Can’t I Just Mug Somebody? Not to worry, Rockstar didn’t remove mugging from the game.

But with objectives like buying guns, ammo, and cars, the wad of cash from the occasional passerby just doesn’t do it anymore. If you want to be having fun in style, you’re going to need money, and you’re going to need a lot of it.

If you’re asking how to make money in gta 5 story mode, thankfully, there’s no end to the list of ways you can earn it. You could, of course, do what you’ve been doing for the past couple of games and mug people until you save up a handful of pennies.

Or, you could go out there and enjoy all the different kinds of missions and interactions the game offers, like assassinations, store robberies, and even races!

Earning Money in GTA V: A Beginner’s View

GTA V is an expansive open-world game. That means there are new things to see, new people, to meet, and more things to do than ever before. The game allows you to interact with almost everything, creating many opportunities to make money.

Well, ‘making’ money, stealing it, raiding drug farms, and being given boatloads to take out important targets in the stock market.  All the same, right?

1.     Holding Up Stores

We’re starting off with something the true GTA style: criminal and likely to involve gunfire.

We’re talking about holding up a store. That’s right, this open-world game is detailed enough to let you rob most of the stores you can find on Los Santos and Blaine County streets.

Whether it’s a general store, a clothing store, or an Ammu-Nation, you must point a gun at the cashier’s face. We’ve all tried that before, right?

After that, the cashier will scream and throw a bag of cash on the floor, which the player can pick up. If you’re using this method, note that you might have to shoot around the store a couple of times before the cashier gets frightened. Take care that you don’t shoot him, though. Sometimes there’s also a second register that you can shoot for some extra cash. Keep an eye out!

2.     Raiding the Good Old Weed Farm

Mount Chiliad is a nice place with gorgeous scenery, but the eye candy isn’t the only thing you find near it. There’s also a weed farm run by drug peddlers that you can raid while playing Trevor.

To raid the farm itself, you’re going to be fighting a few guards located in and around the place. Make sure you bring something better than a pea-shooter, though, or you could die!

GTA V uses the respawning mechanic, and the contents of the farm (and the enemies inside it) respawn after 48 minutes, which is an entire in-game day. You can find the prize waiting in a shed inside the farm: cash money worth a minimum of $60,000.

It will be randomized most of the time, so you stand a chance of getting much more.

3.     Drifting Around Corners in Fast-Paced Street Races

Street races are an excellent way to make money, but you’ll need more than decent driving skills to make any significant income from them. On the other hand, you could make the play and use Franklin for these races.

As long as you can drive in a straight line, his ability to slow down time gives you breathing room to make those tight turns and win the race. Note, however, that it runs out very, very quickly.

That means if you want to win, turn the ability off immediately after making the turn, so you’ll still have it up the next time a turn comes around.

4.     Lester’s Daredevil Assination Missions

If you’ve played GTA V, you like Lester Crest.

The man is an opportunist, a cheat, and a criminal, but he’s a criminal who does a lot of things for you. One of those is to provide his assassination missions to Franklin, who has to pop a few targets of opportunity so Lester can make a killing on the stock market.

You’ll need to do these if you want that 100% badge, but before you take on one of these, it’s a good idea to invest your money into the stocks. After the missions are completed, you’ll find the value of the stocks skyrocketing. That’s when you sell and make a killing yourself.

(Get it?)

Do this across all three characters so you can maximize your earnings.

5.     Performing (And Re-Doing) Heists

Heists are more of a tutorial than anything else in the offline, single-player version of the game, introducing the player to the convoluted plot and complex characters. That being said, with five heists in total, they give you a ton of money.

The best part is that these can also be redone. You don’t have to keep following the same game plan either. Devise a new way to get into the place, or shoot your way in an old-fashioned way.

It’s your world, and it’s up to you.  Enjoying GTA V the Way It’s Meant to Be Played: Rich and In Style

A Conclusion

At the end of the day, how you play the game is up to you. It’s a giant world at your fingertips. Be creative with how you get your money, and sample every mission you can find. Sneak into places and look for registers to break into.

But most importantly:  Have a fun time!

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